July 05, 2022 5 min read

"I feel like I miss you already."

This is what Coach said when we got on the airplane to head home to Utah. 

But let's back up and talk about our last couple days we spent together in Oceanside. 

On Saturday, we had planned to head in to downtown San Diego and attend a Padres game. Neither of us had been to that stadium, and we both love attending sporting events so it worked out great that the Padres were in town!

Prior to the game, we spent the day at a beautiful beach called Moonlight beach with picturesque cliffs. We took a little walk together, sat and relaxed, and had some memories pop up from our past marriages that we ended up talking about. 

We don't talk about our marriages too often, but when we do it's amazing how well we understand each other, and understand the hurt, the pain, the anger, and the relief we feel knowing we don't have to ever be in that kind of a situation again. Coach is an amazing listener, and shows up for me in those situations when emotional triggers come up and listens with empathy. 

He's also very kind, thoughtful, and takes care of me so well. Always wants to carry my bags, or anything I'm holding and I'll admit there have been plenty of times I decline his help. 

I came from a marriage where I was always trying to lighten my spouse's load, walking on eggshells to not set him off and not burden him too much, and it's exhausting trying to keep another person happy. 

Combine that with being an independent woman who has been on her own now for a couple of years(can you believe it's been that long?). Ironically, I look back and realize I did most of my marriage on my own. I had to. 

Coach came from a very similar situation, and both of us realize how much we were drowning and draining ourselves trying to keep it together. 

The best part about us having these discussions is also both knowing that we get to create new memories, new stories, and have sort of a redo in life with a partner that can give us what we need, and take care of us and does so willingly. 

At one point, we were walking back to the car with our beach chairs and bags and Coach tried to offer to carry my things and I wouldn't let him, told him I was fine and didn't need help. 

I finally looked at him and said, "I need to let you do some more things for me huh." 

Coach: "Yes, yes you do."

It's not because I can't do it on my own, it's because I don't have to. I've got a partner who wants to willingly help carry my load, and I can do the same for him. So I handed him some of my things. I let him help carry my load. 

After the beach, we cleaned up, and drove in to downtown San Diego to eat at a restaurant in Gaslamp Quarter. Coach had never explored that area so it was really fun to show him that! We were right next to the stadium too, so it made for a really fun night!

Before we went to the game, Coach brought up how he realized that the Padres logo was an "SD" and that our initials are also "SD" (Sara and David). So immediately we knew we had to get matching hats, haha!! 

How cute is that?!

The game was a blast and the guy working the concessions told us we both we had the most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen and that our kids must be amazing! To which David replied, "Ya, our kids are pretty fantastic." Haha! 

Sunday was our last day in Oceanside and we woke up to a flight cancellation. We were supposed to fly home Sunday evening, but got bumped to a very early Monday morning flight. 

We were a little stressed about it at first, but besides knowing we'd have an early wake up call, we realized it gave us more time in California and we weren't mad about it!

We went for a bike ride to the pier and back, grabbed some breakfast and had decided to just have a chill day. 

We walked the beach, talked about life some more, relaxed, threw rocks into the ocean, did a little laundry, and ordered a pizza for dinner and watched the sunset at the beach that night. 

Before calling it a night, we sat on the patio with a view of the beach and turned on some music and just sat there together. I had a song come to my mind that reminded me of he and I so I turned it on. It's called 'Don't let me go" by Allman Brown. 

He followed that song up by playing "Don't give up on me" by Andy Grammar. 

David picked another song, that he said is totally "us" and our lives and path we ended up on to get to each other. It was "Bless the broken road" by Rascal Flatts. 

That song is an incredible song, and it brought me to tears. David and I have been through a lot, like ALOT in our lifetime. God bless the broken road that led us straight to each other. 

That song used to remind me of my ex. Rascal Flatts was a group we used to listen to alot and went to their concert years ago. 

The coolest thing about life, is that we get to choose how we feel about a memory or an event and we can change how we feel about it, or even create a new memory around it. We get to take the sadness and turn it in to happiness. Just like the movie "Inside Out" taught us. 

So in this moment, I chose to create a new memory with this song. I chose to really look at my life and realize how crazy my path has been, and that I never would have guessed my life would look like this right now. 

And a new memory was made. Happy tears were shed. And this right here was probably one of my favorite moments we shared on this entire trip,

Monday morning came early and we grabbed our things and went to the airport. 

David: "I feel like I miss you already."

Me: "You do?"

David: "Ya, I just really liked having it be just you and me, and I'm really gonna miss that."

Me: "I know, I'm gonna miss that too."

David: (kisses me softly) "I love you."

Me: "I love you too."

God bless the broken road that led me straight to you. 


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