June 14, 2022 2 min read

"You're just really fun to love"

I think I heard Coach say this phrase several times over the weekend. 

He's really fun to love too. 

We're both pretty lucky to be loved by each other. 

We've been planning a couple trips together, one being a pretty big trip with a few of my family members this summer, and part of that trip includes a stop in Florida to watch the Utes play football in the swamp. 

Coach looks at me after talking about it and says, "This is like a trip of a LIFETIME with the GIRL OF A LIFETIME!!"

Huge smile spreads across my face.

Me: Did you just call me the girl of a lifetime?!

Coach: Well ya, cause you are! 

Me: Well you're pretty much the guy of a lifetime!

Coach: Ya know it's like we're the perfect draft picks. The ones that don't come around very often. Like you're Michael Jordan's, Lebron James type of draft picks. And when they come around, you pick em right up and build a franchise with them!

Me: Awww, am I you're number one draft pick and you wanna build a franchise with me?!

Coach: Well ya!!

Me: Good cause you're my number one draft pick too. 

I LOVE all of his sports ananlogies he comes up with, haha! It makes total sense to me being the sports junkie I am and is probably a big reason why this just works between he and I.

We spent the weekend watching his son play in a baseball tourney, and at one point while he was coaching his sons game, he asked me if I would go grab his other son from the high school after a football tourney he had been playing in. 

I gladly offered to run and grab him, and one of Coach's friends looked at me when I went to leave and said, "Wait, you're going to pick up his son?? That means you guys must be getting pretty serious...AND I LOVE IT!!" Hahaha!! I love that his friends are so happy about us being together. His friends are really amazing people! 

We got a chance to have some kid free time as well, hung at my moms pool and relaxed, and got out on a group date with a couple of my best friends. One being one of our employees(Kim) and her husband. They all got along great, LOVED how much Coach laughs and thought he was really great and fun to be around! 

He's pretty great. 

He's pretty fun to love. 

Number one draft pick.

We head to SoCal in about 9 days and I can't wait for that trip and to tell you all how it goes!

Hope you are all having a really great summer so far!


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