August 15, 2022 2 min read

I feel like I need to start by backing up a little.  Let me introduce you to my extended family.  My husband, Sam's family is full of boys. He has 5 brothers 0 sisters, he has 10 boy cousins and 3 girl cousins.  Of his brothers, only one has managed to squeak out a girl.  The Clarke side of the family hasn't seen a girl in over 10 years.  
Needless to say, whenever anyone asked me if I was going to try to have more babies so I could get a girl, my answer was always the same.  Nope, Clarkes don't make girls.  Also, I absolutely love being a boy mom.  Boys are just the best!  
When I did finally get pregnant, I knew it would be another boy. I was so happy about that. I don't even know what I would do with a girl. I had to do a bunch of genetic testing (thanks advanced maternal age😫) When the test results were sent to my inbox, I was SO nervous. I prayed that this baby would be healthy. Every single thing came back negative. I was so relieved! Then... the gender button. I pushed it knowing already that it said boy and now my boy mom life would finally have it's caboose. I was so wrong.


 I instantly started laughing and crying. Sam didn't know what to do with me. He was unsure if I was happy or sad. I was mostly shocked. I continued crying for the next day or so. I had no idea that I would be so happy to have a girl. I didn't even think I wanted one.  
The shirt in this giveaway means a whole lot to us here at Costa Threads.  "Go get your happy!" (and how perfect is this pink color for the month of OCTOBER?!) Giveaway winner is being announced on the post in our group!

Sometimes we don't even know what that thing is that will make us happy.  The important thing is to keep going.  Take the next scary step.  It might just lead you to your very own version of happy.
Thank you all so much for the support during this crazy ride of life.  We hope you find your happy and use your voice to help others do the same!