July 19, 2023 2 min read

Hawaiin wedding- 10/10 recommend. 

I cry everytime I look at these. 

It was better than I could've expected.

It was perfect weather, dreamy scenery, small and intimate just like we wanted.

The kids cried, we cried, even our officiant had tears running down his cheeks. 

Our officiant incorporated so many beautiful traditional hawaiian culture aspects into the ceremony, from blowing a conch shell, to exchanging lays, to washing our hands and pouring the remaining water into the earth, to breaking open a coconut and passing it around for us all to take a drink, and lastly blessed us and our family by throwing salt around us at the end. 

I was blown away by how amazing he was and how well he incorporated all the kids into the ceremony as well. David and I exchanged vows to each of our kids and bonus kids, as well as to each other and I'll never forget this day and this moment that we became a blended family.

The rest of our trip was amazing and beautiful and we had a blast exploring the island of Kauai!

I don't know how we lucked out with 5 amazing kids between the two of us that blend so well and are so happy about this marriage. I heard them say several times that this was the best day of their lives and they were so happy to be here!

 Find someone who is your best friend, safest place, and biggest adventure all in one. 

Ku'u Aloha, it means “my love”. 

It's you and me forever David. 

Love, your wife.


-The Boutique Wifey