August 02, 2022 3 min read

Have you ever seen the Adam Sandler movie Blended? 

Our weekend was like that, but totally different, haha!

We took the kids to my families cabin where they were forced to room together and participate in a TON of activities involving my extended family as well. 

And they all handled it like CHAMPS! David's kids had to meet alot of new people, and that can be intimidating. 

After the first day, they had all formed their little squad gangs of kids their age and were all palling around together, hopping on boats to go tubing, riding four wheelers, and paddle boarding together. 

The older kids even went to a local teenager DANCE together! 

It was kinda like, well if one person's going we all going! Haha! 

I absolutely LOVED watching David's kids and mine continue to get along so well. This was the first time we would actually have a family sleepover, and have the kids sharing rooms. They had a blast! 

Now, on to the fun part. 

David and I "co-parenting".

He and I parent very much the same, and our kids are actually very similar and it's seriously very RARE to have kids blend this well and this easily. Trust me, I've watched many families not get along so well! 

I've watched our kids have little moments here and there where we've had to step in and put out little fires, but nothing out of the ordinary thankfully, and we honestly didn't have a SINGLE ISSUE with our kids the entire trip!

It was amazing! 

David is a stellar father, and even stepped in as a father figure and helped my boys out a few times, and took them out on jet ski's when I hit my limit. 

I LOVE being a boy mom, but someitmes I can't keep up with their energy! I remember talking to a single gal pal of mine one time, talking about how we needed to start a rent a dad program, haha! Us moms are TIRED!!

David and I snuck in some alone time as well, and he took me for a ride on the jet ski. Not that kind of ride, I know what you're thinking, haha! 

We also ventured out on some e-foil surf boards and learned how to do those together, that was fun! And even better that we got to learn together! 

I don't ever want to stop creating adventures in my life, single or married, and one of the things I love most about David is his happy energy and willingness to always try new things and do it together! 

How many times have I used the word, together??

My extended family LOVED meeting him, and my mom even introduced him as a future son-in-law......ummmm ok mom, haha! 

She ain't wrong. It'll happen one day, and this weekend just reaffirmed that he and I make such a great team and our lives make sense together. It's unbelievable how much sense it makes to be together! 

Listen, we could get married tomorrow and know we'd be happy. We could also get married in a year and know we'd be happy. 

And after this weekend, watching him co-parent with me seamlessly, handling entertaining all the kids, feeding them, and enjoying this adventurous and busy weekend together I'd marry him in a heartbeat. 

There's no timeline though. And no I wasn't hiding my hands in my pocket when we took pictures up there, haha!

At the end of the trip, David threw out another good line per his usual, haha! He said,

"It's rare that people like us find each other and it's such a perfect match, so when that lightning bolt hits you grab it and hold on!"

We're both holding on FOREVER.


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