September 06, 2022 7 min read

Move over ABC! I think we've got the BEST proposal story ever!!

Ok, to answer your questions about whether or not he knows about ya'll, yes he does! And yes, he knows ya'll are invited to the wedding, and yes, he's ok with me sharing our story! He's flattered actually, haha!

So let's get to the good part! 


We've known about this trip for a little while and had been invited to tag along with my mom and stepdad, a few of their friends, and my sister and her husband. 

Of course I had the idea in the back of my head that a proposal here would be AMAZING, but knowing that we weren't in a rush to get married soon kinda put that idea aside. I figured there was no way he had found time to get a ring! We hadn't been talking about getting engaged for that long, just thrown around some ring ideas, but again, I didn't want to get my hopes up for it to happen on this trip. It really wouldn't matter when or where he proposed, I'd be happy about it regardless! 

The stress of getting ready for a trip like this is hard enough, knowing you are leaving the country, leaving your kids in someone else's watch, coordinating all of that, plus making sure work is set up to still function while you are gone(I think Kim and Whitney did just fine with me gone!), AND make sure you are packed with everything you need/want. 

And David did all of this PLUS shopped for the perfect ring and planned a whole engagement prior to leaving?! He deserves an award! 

I had NO IDEA that he had been communicating with my mom, and our entire travel crew guides that would be joining us on this trip! He had been communicating with them for WEEKS trying to figure out the logistics of where and when would be the best time to propose in Greece.  

Not to mention, my ENTIRE FAMILY were all in on it, and he had taken my dad to LUNCH before we left to let him know his intentions of asking me to marry him. Ummmm ok, cue the tears! 

Kim might have been in on this whole thing too, she'll deny it, but she's sneaky and had been talking to David about it for weeks as well, along with the rest of my closest friends. 

Literally EVERYBODY in the world knew about this but me, haha!! 

We got to Athens Saturday Aug. 27, and powered through the time change and went and toured the Acropolis. Really amazing by the way! Afterward, we found a really cute street with a few Greek shops and restaraunts and ate the yummiest greek food! 

We finally went to bed, knowing we'd be getting up early to fly to the island of Mykonos the next morning and joining the rest of the group there. 

We arrived on Mykonos on Sunday, it looks kinda like a mini Santorini and is full of BEAUTIFUL white buildings and lots of fun shopping and restaraunts as well! We walked the city, ate lunch, did some shopping and then spent the evening on the boat eating dinner. 

David and I decided to walk the city at night after dinner, just to experience the lively night life, and my goodness was it lively! If you are looking to party in Greece, Mykonos is your place! 

While walking around, I received a group text from my brother, that had a few family members in it as well as David. I looked at him and said, "How did my brother get your number?" 

David started panicking, thinking this might give away the surprise. He replied, "Hmm, I don't know?" I literally was too tired to even try to figure it out, and just shook it off, haha! I learned later that he had reached out to my brother on Instagram to ask him for my dad's number so he could call my dad to take him to lunch, ummmm ok, cue the tears again! That's how my brother ended up with David's number too. 

I'm just over here still clueless to what everybody and their dog seemed to know was about to happen, haha! 

The next day, Monday, we had a tour set up of the island of Dalos, which was a city that had been covered by a volcano years ago and they had been slowly uncovering it. Fascinating for sure! After that, we sailed to the island of Naxos. 

Poor David has been trying to keep it together these past couple days, nervous as hell knowing what he's about to do in a couple of hours, haha! He really handled himself well! 

The plan was for the proposal to happen on the boat that night while we were anchored on the water just outside the island. 

The views of Naxos were amazing and I knew instantly that this might be my favorite island yet! 

Still clueless as to what was being planned for that night though. In fact, at one point my mom flicked some water at David's neck trying to get his attention so he could come talk to our boat captain about the plans for the night. They'd all been trying to get me away from him for 2 seconds so he could sneak away, lol! 

I'm still oblivious, haha! We played in the water a little bit that afternoon, which felt AMAZING! The water in Greece is BEAUTIFUL and so clear!

That evening, we were going to be eating dinner on the top deck of the boat, and the plan was for the chief stewardess to come up after we had eaten and let us know that dessert had been delayed, but would be out soon. 

That was David's cue to walk me to the front of the boat and propose. 

The plan went accordingly, and I still had NO CLUE what was up. I just assumed that dessert really was delayed, no big deal! However, I was deep in conversation with my sister and poor David had no idea how he was going to get me out of it and walk me to the front. 

Finally he leaned over and said, "Hey, will you walk to the front of the boat with me to get some air? I'm not feeling too great and just need to take a breather."  

He really didn't look to great, haha! He was sweating and looked nauseous so again, I had no idea what was going on and agreed to not make a big scene and just walk with him to get some air. 

We stepped out onto the front deck, and to my surprise it was lined with candles, lights, and rose petals.

Me: "What is all this?" 

David: "Just keep walking"

Me: "What is happening??"

David:"Just keep walking with me out here."

At this point I knew something was about to go down.

Once we reached the front of the boat, I noticed a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket and two champagne glasses waiting for us. 

David looked at me with tears streaming down his face and said, "I'm trying to keep it together here."

I replied with tears in my eyes, "If you can't keep it together, then I for sure can't keep it together."

David: "Sara, I had given up on love, and on life, and then you came along and showed me how to love again and how to be loved." 

He then got down on one knee and I'm just standing there trying to keep it together and saying, "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" 

David: "Sara, will you marry me?"

Me: I put my hands over my mouth in shock and started to shake and without hesitation answered, "Hell yes!"

He slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger and we kissed and hugged and then to our surprise heard a loud applause and cheers from the top of the boat. 

How could we assume that the others on the boat weren't going to hide and watch the whole thing from a distance, haha!! I turned to them all and had my Monica Gellar moment and yelled, "I'M ENGAGED!" 

We then both turned around and noticed a crew member in the front of the boat who had also hid and filmed the whole thing for us! 

What a MAGICAL MOMENT! I can't even describe in words how amazing and beautiful it was! (pictures are at the bottom of this post)

We were joined by everyone on the boat, crew included and congratulated, and David had them hand me a beautiful bouquet of 22 red roses(it's the year 2022 and the number 22 means alot to both of us and Utah fans!) Such a fun moment! 

And then I learned how everything had been so carefully planned without me knowing, haha! Man they were all so sneaky! 

We ended the night with my favorite dessert, and David and I were both surprised when we walked into our cabin room and there was a sign that said, "She said yes!" and rose petals and chocolates on our bed. 

Like I said in the beginning of this post, it really wouldn't have mattered when or where he proposed, but buy did he nail it or what by taking advantage of this opportunity in such a magical place! 

Stay tuned for part 2 of the rest of our magical trip in Greece! And I'll share the video recording of the proposal in the comments of the FB group post! 

And don't get so giddy and excited this week that you forget it's our BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR! I almost did, haha! BLACK SEPTEMBER ends FRIDAY!


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