September 19, 2022 3 min read

After celebrating our engagement night, and calling our kids and yelling to everyone on the island of Naxos that were engaged, we sailed on to the island of Santorini. 

This is the island you see alot in travel blogs, known for the white buildings with blue tops on the cliffs. 

It was WAY different from the other islands, in that you have to take a taxi or the gondola or ride a donkey to get to the actual city. All of the main buildings and neighborhoods and such are settled on top of the volcanic island. Not what I was expecting! 

It is a very crowded island as well, lots of tourists, but also full of some fun shopping strips. We didn't spend too much time exploring, just enjoyed the views. We had a really nice and entertaining dinner that night on the island with an amazing view that we won't forget! 

Guys, I had to keep pinching myself everyday that not only was I sailing in between a bunch of incredible Greek islands, but I was doing it with my FIANCE!! There were days during the last few years that I NEVER thought I’d find my person. In fact, I had to come a point in my single life where I had just decided to stay single! I never thought I’d find someone this incredible! 

I received a text from my youngest that morning that had to be the cutest text ever.

He said, "Are you guys married yet? Also, I love you. Also, I miss you. Also, call me."

I called when I could and explained to him we weren't married yet, just engaged, lol! 

WE WERE ENGAGED NOW!! So much fun to enjoy a trip like this together and get engaged!

Our next stop was Milos, and our main plan for stopping there was to do some cliff jumping. 

I can't even explain to you how clear and blue the water is here, it's incredible! Very salty too, like definitely saltier than the ocean in California! Beautiful though!

Ya'll know I have an adventurous side and love a little adrenaline rush, so cliff jumping in another country was right up my ally! 

It's a good thing David has that same fun and adventurous energy, he was all about taking advantage of fun experiences on this trip. 

In fact, the moment it was time to jump in the water and swim to the cliff we both cannon balled without hesitation, like the big adult children we are, haha! 

One of the other couples with us jokingly asked if we were related, lol! They also noticed how contagious our laughter is, and how we were constantly giggling the whole entire trip. If we can keep up this laughter, we'll be just fine! 

I have no doubt we will! 

That night, we stayed up on the top deck, watching the stars as we sailed away back to Athens. 

It was magical, completely MAGICAL! A trip I'll never forget, and we can't wait to go back! 

We LOVED Greece! The entire vibe of these islands was amazing, and the people were so nice! Good food too! 

Our last stop on our flight home was Gainsville Florida to watch our Utes play the Gators in the swamp.

I'm sure many of you SEC fans are aware of how INTENSE and LOUD that stadium can be and my goodness I have never experienced a crowd so loud! Fun game, not the outcome we wanted, but I'm glad we went! We love our UTES! 

This life I get to live with David is beyond my wildest dreams. I have a great life, David has a great life, and now we get to combine those two worlds and enhance each other's lives even more! 

Now ya'll get to help me shop for wedding dresses! Not quite yet, but at some point, you'll know when! 


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