May 03, 2022 2 min read

Modern dating suggests that leaving a toothbrush at your house speaks volumes about where their head is at. It means they are planning on having you around for a while.

You spend the night together...then the day after that...then the night after that.

Date nights have no beginning and no end. And when it's finally time to leave, the goodbye is prolonged with a hot and steamy make-out session.

He calls to check in, or texts you just to say hi. Better yet, calls to ask how your work meeting went or asks how your kids baseball game is going. Then it's clear he's really thinking about you, and not just your bod(OK, maybe both).

He wants to know things about you. Your opinion matters to him, and when you speak he really listens. He's interested in the stories you tell him, even the one about you and your goofy siblings making bird calls to each other in the middle of a nice theatre event. 

He wants to know everything about your background, your childhood, and how your mother was critical about the way you cut strawberries. 

He wants to know how you think about the world, and how life works, and what kind of spiritual mentality you have. 

He soaks up every word and appreciates every little thing about you. 

He takes you to the his favorite sporting events as his hot date, wants you by his side at his sons team dinner after a tournament, stays the night, and then tags along at your sons long day of tourney games the next day. Then takes you to dinner, and stays the night again.

He goes on a walk with you to your favorite daily walk spot, and wants to explore your favorite local Sunday brunch spot. 

He cuddles up to you on a Sunday afternoon and watches a movie.

He walks in to the bathroom while you're trying to do a quick "look decent enough" makeover sesh before heading to dinner and looks at you with a smile on his face and says "You're really pretty. You don't even have to try, you just are."

He comes to family dinner at your dads and gets chummy with your relatives and wants to golf with them. 

And then he leaves a toothbrush at your house.

This man is going to be around for a while. 


And after he leaves, you miss him. And it takes a minute to get back in to the swing of things without him around.

So you tell him that. 

He misses you too, and tells you how much he enjoyed spending the weekend with you and you make plans to do it again. Maybe take a trip, maybe take our kids. 

This man is going to be around for a while. 


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