June 21, 2022 2 min read

We're not married.......yet..."

These were Coach's exact words to a couple of strangers we met at the Garth Brooks concert last weekend, haha! 

I love how personable Coach is, and he can talk to just about anyone and he will, haha! 

I also love hearing his say things like, "We're not married.......yet."

He bought us tickets to the concert a few months ago, and went with a friend of his and his wife. BEST CONCERT I've been too! I love Garth! His energy, his music, such an entertainer and really interacts with the crowd! 

Trisha Yearwood surprised us at the end and came out and sang some songs with Garth, and a few of her own. 

One of the songs she sang was "She's in love with the boy" and Coach and I ended up on the jumbotron during that song with our arms around each other, smiling and singing along and having a good time, we were so surprised and stoked and when we saw ourselves on there! 

Being put up on the jumbotron in front of tens of thousands of people, mostly from SLC led to quite a few text messages from our friends, letting us know they saw us and asking who the cute guy/girl was we were with. 

So I decided this was a good opportunity to post a picture of us on social media, and probably time we do that. 

After Coach dropped me off, I hopped on social media and tagged him in my post, a little nervous about it. I sent him a text thanking for him for the fun night, and mentioned I tagged him on social media. 

Then waited for his reaction. More nerves setting in. 

We've been pretty quiet about this on social media(which is how I like to be in regards to relationships). Obviously all of our friends and family know about us, but this day and age it's a whole other ball game with social media and what you put out there. 

He responded and really appreciated what I said and shared my post to his page. 

For the next 24 hours, we both were getting BLOWN UP with messages, reactions, questions, and friend requests, haha! 

"Who's the cutie you are with?"

"I thought I saw you on the jumbotron last night!"

"Who's the smokeshow you are with?!"


And our friends and family have been sending follow requests ever since. 

I guess that's what happens when you tag your man on social media, haha! 

It was time. 

I'm gonna marry that boy someday. 

But first, a weekend in SoCal is coming up this THURSDAY! SO EXCITED!


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