April 04, 2022 3 min read

Wowza, I feel like I have alot to catch up on! March was crazy, and right after showcasing in Dallas at The Boutique Summit I went down to southern Utah to drop in to the warehouse, take photos and hang with Coach! 

That weekend was AMAZING. We hung at the baseball fields with our kids, watching his boys play ball and had a pool party with a few of this teammates and their families. It's like we're already a family, just doing life together and it's a breeze! And SO MUCH FUN! Sneaking in kisses in the driveway at night and holding hands while walking down the street to the pickle ball courts with the kids put a big smile on my face too.

Our kids get along, love being together, and  Coach's teammates and coaching friends all told him I was a super rad chick and they are so glad we are dating! 

Get in good with his friends...CHECK!

All the right boxes continue to be checked off. 

After this weekend down in southern Utah, I had a few hours to do laundry and pack a bag to head an a week long trip with my mom and sisters to soak up the sun and do some shopping! All week long Coach and I exchanged texts, pictures and facetimed one night. I really started to miss him! 

I realized by the end of this fabulous week, how excited I was to come home and see him. I haven't had that feeling in a really REALLY long time, not even in my marriage. I didn't want to come home in my marriage, I didn't my spouse to come home in my marriage. Something I realized eventually shouldn't feel that way. But how was I to know that? My marriage was the only relationship I had ever been in. 

I had a conversation with one my sisters on this trip(also divorced and now remarried), about how one of my biggest fears about getting married again is falling into the same place I was in my marriage. Mundane, unhappy, and not fun. 

She immediately said to me that my next marriage can ABSOLUTELY be so much better and happier and fun! 

I believe her, she's found an amazing man and has such a great partnership with him and I am so happy she found that!

I flew home Sunday night and immediately called Coach. We had a few hours before I needed to go pick up my boys.

We grabbed food, ate at home in our comfies and I told him all about my trip. 

I had brought him home some yummy treats from the island we were on, so I gave him those and then told him how I felt about being so excited to come home to him. 

He squeezed me tighter after I said that, told me how much he had missed me, and then kissed me.

He kissed me GOOD.

Things escalated pretty quickly after that and the moment we have all been waiting for FINALLY CAME! 

Pun intended, haha!

It was such a great night. And afterwards we just held each other talking and laughing and it felt easy, happy and FUN. 

Maybe I really can have an exciting and fun marriage. Maybe I really can have someone I'm excited to come home to. Maybe it really can be THAT GOOD. 

I woke up to text from him this morning that said, "That wasn't just a dream last night right?"

He's the cutest. He also sent my mom a text on her birthday last week. Ok Coach, make a little harder to fall for you would ya?!?

I'm happy. SO HAPPY. Things just keep getting better and better, and I am HERE FOR IT!!


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