April 19, 2022 2 min read

Hey Coach, is this your girl?

This was the first time Coach has been called out in a public setting and had to say out loud that I'm his girl. 

And I REALLY liked hearing him say that. 

Last weekend, I tagged along with Coach and his kids and mom and watched his boys play in a baseball tourney. This meant meeting alot of other people in his inner cirlce and having to hang with the other team members families at the ballpark. 

If you have ever put your kids on a competitive team, you know what it's like to be on a team that ends up becoming like family. You spend alot of time with these people, and everybody cares about the well being of the team and the kids on it. It's awesome and I love the comradry that comes with sports! 

Coach's kids play on teams with alot of his friends kids, so they all know each other really well, and definitely have Coach's well being in their best interest. Which can be very intimidating coming in to that environment as the "new girl".

Dude, your girl is awesome!

This was just one of several texts Coach received over the weekend after I was introduced to more people. Along with, "She's cute and has a personality, how'd you find that?!"

I could say the exact same things about Coach. He's cute AND has a great personality! 

Not only did I enjoy watching him Coach his kids this weekend, I also enjoyed feeling like I totally belonged there, like I had always been "one of them". 

Coach has an amazing inner circle of people, and I loved getting to know them better and chatting with them, and going out to dinner with everybody after the games. 

We did get a chance to sneak in a fun show, and chose to go see Michael Jackson One. His mom and daughter came too and it was incredible! We all loved it! 

We also experienced Freemont street with everyone and that was hilarious with the kids in tow, haha!

Coach and I had some time alone as well, but I think my most FAVORITE moment of the entire weekend was when he told me he feels like he must be doing something right in life to be this lucky to have me. 

I told him I wake up everyday feeling like the luckiest girl in the world to have him too.

No we didn't say the L word yet, haha! But I don't think that moment is very far away. 

Vegas was a good experience, just another one to add to the books for us. Definitely not gonna be the last. 


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